The Viticulture Hradil Čejkovice

Vinařství Hradil Čejkovice vyšívané vlaječky

Date of realization: 23. 12. 2012
Client: Viticulture Hradil Čejkovice

The Family Winery Hradil is located in the wine region Velkopavlovice in Cejkovice at Hodonin, the third largest wine-growing village in Moravia.

Client's statement

Ing. Lukáš Hradil
Owner Viticulture Hradil Čejkovice

Range of wines, which viticulture offers wines are dry and fresh acid, semi-dry wine, whose fullness is given by the residual sugar and form a separate category of wine straw and ice, which is one of the sweet wines. Specialty winery is Rubinet red wine, white wine produced in the technology. Rubinet produce only ones in the country.

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Vinařství Hradil Čejkovice vyšívané šarže na láhev vína Rubinet

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