Village Kladeruby embroidered flags and ribbons

Kladeruby vyšívané prapory

Date of realization: 04. 03. 2013
Client: Kladeruby

Village Kladeruby us by making embroidered and printed municipal flags and mast. Another part of the contract was to draft and implement an embroidered vestment for the priest. Vestment had to tastefully tuned to municipal symbols and the modern church. The village Kladeruby it was not our first contract in 2001 there embroidered flag for the voluntary fire brigade.

Client's statement

Dear representatives of VELEBNÝ & FAM, when we are in 2001 with your company leave prepare our fire flag, were we believe that we have to represent our church did our best. The opposite was true, we represent our church as dignified We conclude that we lack a lot of "things." After a visit to your company, we have clearly reached the conclusion that we will embroider and buy exclusively from you. We were very pleasantly surprised as you brought your work of art. For you precisely gloves embroidered with our characters, unique fire vestment, or elaborate ceremonial ribbon to highlight our congregation each bunting and the like. Working with us you enjoy the more you're accommodating to our proposals and we entered contracts are perfected. To further cooperation with you enjoying SDH and community Kladeruby.

Regards mr. Miloš Konečný and mr. Michal Sváček
The mayor of the village and mayor SDH Kladeruby

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